RationalTeam successfull projects

  • Consultation project for implementing a local area network at the premises of Sudan Currency Printing Press.
  • Health information System and clinic manager for Khartoum Dental Teaching Hospital.
  • Website design for Khartoum Dental Teaching Hospital.
  • Criminal registeration and services solution for Family and Child Protection Unit (Community Police) .
  • Software development and analysis of data for the Anti-drug Police in a report concerning Drugs usage among university students in Khartoum.
  • Secure ID System for a governmental organization, the technology was provided by our Swiss partner, and the software and implementation was developed by RationalTeam. This project involved the import of materials, equipments and training of organization staff at Switzerland.
  • As an on hand project, RationalTeam has recently signed a contract with the Arabian Libyan Company for Investment (owner of BurjAlfateh). To host and design their web site.