RationalTeam company overview

Rational Team for Technology LTD. is an IT company, located in Khartoum-Sudan, established in 2009 with the main strategic objective of establishing long-term relationships with clients to deliver reliable services with professional support, relying on its Human resources capabilities, experience and devotion, the company has successfully started a number of projects in many fields. Download Company Profile.

We offer cost effective services and products to both public and private sectors including individuals, small/medium enterprises, governmental enterprises and global market, our highly professional team appreciate the rule of technology impact on business, corporate strategies and will provide you with cutting-edge solutions that will maximize your business outcome.

We have been working closely with our clients in constantly delivering solutions that of greater impact on their business by being a customer focused company that assesses the customer needs and providing solutions that not only addresses customers needs, but extend far beyond their expectations.

Company vision

To secure a friendly working environment supported by team work, systems and tools controlled by quality assurance methodology that allows our team to deliver innovative solutions to professionally and effectively serve customers' needs.

Mission statement

Commitment to professionally deliver high quality solutions along with reliable services and support that is achieved through:

  • Capitalizing on creativity and innovation.
  • Building trustful relationships with our clients and partners through credibility and transparency.
  • Establishing ongoing partnerships with clients emphasized by close and reliable support.
  • Investment on human resources and technology.

Company core values

We are committed to serving our clients with transparency and clarity, out core values are:

  • Quality & Excellence.
  • Innovation.
  • Customer Focus
  • Delivery.
  • Integrity.

RationalTeam spirit is based on these values, every lead we follow will feel the difference when working with our teams, who are highly motivated, well equipped team of experts that undertakes challenges and shape success.

Company logo

RationalTeam logo

The logo represents nodes of active teams sharing communication links, the dark circles in each node represents teams, the nodes surrounding teams represents team management and coordination entities.

Quality assurance

Delivering quality services and products is our main objective at RationalTeam. We utilizes quality measurements through out all our activities, this ensures proper utilization of lessons-learned, we are using our own developed software in integration with third-party software tools which are used as an efficient reporting mechanism for RationalTeam strategic planning.

Our software development process is based on Agile software development methodologies, which embrace iterative development, Domain Driven Design (DDD) and Test Driven Design (TDD) as the core of development principles. Testing takes place at each level of the development process and this extensive test framework assures quality and correctness. This methodology also insures the involvement of clients throughout the development phases of the software and they are part of the development team; this will guarantee a great amount of quality to the delivered solution. RationalTeam after sales service is crafted to keep close support of clients through (phone, remote desktop connection via internet, and personal visit by company support staff). This is to assure the effectiveness of services/products ordered.