Software development

A Software product should be of benefit to both the users and their organizations, we at RationalTeam believe that a single solution does not fit all, that is why we offer software that is tailored according to your requirements.

We have been working closely with our clients to deliver the value proposition of our software solutions, we have a dedicated staff of software engineers, business analysts and international partners that jointly realize your expectations and deliver them as reliable software products.

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RationalTeam Developed Software

We have developed software packages that maximized business intelligence of organizations and individuals, the following is a list of our recent software solutions:

# Product Description
Criminal Registration & Services
A software solution that provides all information regarding criminals, victims and related categories. The system maintains information about criminal activities, history and services offered.
E-Human Resource
A software solution that maintains information about the organization human resources, such as hiring, annual leaves, deductions and performance reports.
3 RationalTeam Accounting A software solution that manages financial accounts.
4 RationalTeam ERP
[Under development]
A software solution that manages organization-wide resources such as inventory, purchases, sales and financial standings through integration with RationalTeam Accounting.

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Software Solutions offerings

RationalTeam offers a variety of Solutions spanning the following areas:

  • Custom application design and development.
  • Secure documents and ID systems.
  • Client server applications.
  • Hospital management solutions.
  • Video capturing and image processing solutions.
  • Enterprise resource planning solutions.