What is RationalTeam Dental Hospital Manager©?

A software solution to create and maintain digital patient files. The basic information to maintain is patient personal details such as name, age, occupation, tribe, state, marital state and patient’s photograph if needed.

Gives the possibility to add more information such as social habits, family medical history and patient medical history.

Provides the means to incrementally collect patient’s treatment processes that occur in each clinic he visits, down to the details of the chair unit and the medical staff involved.

Makes it easier to create and maintain visit’s information such as complaints, examinations, investigations, diagnoses, radio-graphs, referrals (inside and outside) and treatment processes including surgery if needed.

Provides a huge number of reports and allows data visualization efficiently.

Product features

Easy to use : Most of the entries are made using the mouse pointer by selecting from drop down lists which describe almost every needed entry like complaints, examinations, investigations and so.

Flexible: User can define the choices that he would like to select from in all drop down lists mentioned above. He can also define treatment descriptions with two level of details main and sub-treatment and give them a descriptive code.

Scalable: Number of clinics that can be defined in the system is unlimited with as many sub clinics (chair units) defined along with the medical staff in charge. Body-Sites can also be defined and associated with a visual image of the anatomy, there is no limitation to the number of anatomy images.

Visual anatomy

Visual anotomyDental Hospital Manager has an advanced technique of enabling examination data collection to be done with a visual aid of an anatomy image that contains drawings of the body site; those body sites are assumed to be of interest to the clinic. These drawings are dynamic and can be created using a powerful platform that the system provide; it allows user to draw hot spots over the image and then activate it with the scientific name of the body site represented by the hotspot. The system then gives the user the opportunity to associate these hotspots with the appropriate examinations. Again these examination are open for modification and definition of new ones. It worth mentioning that all of the customization and configuration phase is done once in the life time cycle of the software, although it is possible to change it at any time during utilization of the system.

Appointment Module

The software provide a simple yet powerful solution to patient appointments. Where appointments can be scheduled in a scheduling module. This module can schedule patient visits in all hospital clinics in each chair unit. The time required for each treatment is predefined in the system (by user ) to help calculate required time for each patient and suggest visit time for the next patient.

Keep in touch SMS (Short Messaging Service through mobile phones)

Patients can be notified with their next visit a few days before and given the choice to cancel or confirm their visit by replying to the SMS server which is part of DHM. (Optional)

Reporting modules

In addition to itís rich features DHM provides an advanced reporting system; with an enormous number of reports.

Patientís report: this report shows all patientís information e.g. personal data, habits, family history, social history, complaints, examinations Ö etc. classified by clinic and medical staff involved.

Anatomy image report:There is also an anatomy image report with description tags over body sites.

Standard reports: with the ability to filter them for any period of time monthly, quarterly, half yearly, annually and in a specific time span.

Custom query reports: this is an empowering feature that DHM possess , it allows user to build a query and view reports that matches the given criteria.